Care & Support for the Elderly.


Interventions in education and skill building.


Join hands
to save environment

Our activities are focused on 3 Es

Education, Environment and Elderly.

We are a non - profit organisation

Focused on Elderly, Education and Environment.

Registered under the Govt of India- Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950.

Life Ananta was born on 30th July 2017 out of the belief that the language of service is the cornerstone of civilization. All human beings have great potential to succeed in life irrespective of their past circumstances.

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step. - Confucius

About Life Ananta

Welcome to Life Ananta

We are just a point of reference in a journey of time in God's endless Creation that is so wonderful and mysterious...that which has no beginning nor end.

Life Ananta is such a journey to infinity. To touch lives endlessly. The sole purpose of this Trust is to serve Man and Nature, to restore what man changed to what God created for therein lies continuity towards infinity.


Our vision is to foster love and empathy towards our environment, uplifting various sections of society through education and working towards the service and empowerment of the older adults.

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Welcome to Life Ananta

We believe we can enhance more
life and environments with your support

Your Help Counts

How can you help ?

Your help through Volunteering or Donations help us broaden and improve quality of our outreach in the field of Education, Environment and Elderly.

It can help us -

  • In the Environmental awareness campaigns, seeds and tree plantation drives, street plays for saving natural resources and activities for protecting Mother Earth.
  • Education and Skilling opportunities and continuing education for the underprivileged.
  • Empowerment of the Elderly senior citizens, leading them to successful ageing.

Popular Causes

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You can bring a smile on someone's face in 3 steps : select a cause, make a contribution and see it happen.

Successful ageing

In service of the Elderly leading them to active, healthy and successful Ageing as per WHO guidelines.

Education for empowerment

Mentoring, skilling and facilitating Education as a continuing process.

Restore environment

Nurturing, restoring and giving back to Mother Earth.

Help Other People

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Our Founders

Meet those who help
others in need.

Activities by Members, Volunteers and Ex- students of Sainath Junior College, Vashi.

Harish Gupta

Founder Trustees

Joshua Pereria

Founder Trustees

Beena Pereira

Founder Trustees

Shweta Dubey

Founder Members

Arvind Gupta

Founder Members

Muslima Mondal

Founder Members

Rahul Kumar

Founder Members

Anjali Pandey

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Founder Members


Founder Members

Let’s make a difference in
the lives of others

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